INDEX - 2004
12.09.04 Washington Post

Musicians Are Making Tracks to Video Games -- Popularity of Interactive Play Has Artists Battling to Be Heard

11.28.04 New York Times Combat Rock By Way Of R&B
Nile Rodgers Helped Pull Together The Soundtrack Behind Halo 2
11.16.04 Game Daily Biz Nile Rodgers speaks--Halo 2's Soundtrack, Sumthing Distribution and More
11.16.04 Spike TV HALO 2 is a finalist for Best Soundtrack
11.10.04 We Are Family Foundation Classic Hit "We Are Family" Remixed to Spread the Message of Diversity and Tolerance to Elementary School Children Nationwide
11.09.04 Canadian Press Man behind Madonna, Bowie, Duran Duran produces Halo 2 soundtrack
11.09.04 Rick’s Picks: Halo 2 Original Soundtrack, Volume 1
11.06.04 Billboard 'Halo 2' Soundtrack Bolsters Game Push
11.04.04 Gamespy Halo 2: Setting the Mood (Xbox)
We talk to Nile Rodgers, producer of the game's soundtrack, about the perfect way to set the mood in a game.
10.29.04 Billboard 'Halo 2' Soundtrack Boasts Incubus, Hoobastank
10.27.04 Nile Rodgers Productions Nile speaks on video game soundtracks at the 16th Grammy Recording Soundtable
10.26.04 Entertainment Weekly Hooray For 'Halo'-wood
An inside look at ''Halo 2.'' The videogame that has millions of fans (including Justin Timberlake and Bill Gates)
10.17.04 VH1 Incubus, Hoobastank, Breaking Benjamin On 'Halo 2' Soundtrack
10.15.04 VH1 Linkin Park, Hoobastank, Wilmer Valderrama To Get First Shot At 'Halo 2'
10.12.04 Warner Vision International Warner Vision Announces Full-Details of Live Aid DVD Set
10.11.04 Microsoft, Sumthing Else Music Works Sumthing Else Music Works Announces Halo 2: Original Soundtrack Volume One -- From the most anticipated game of the year comes the most anticipated Soundtrack.
10.10.04 Newsday 30 Years of Hip Hop-- the Sugar Hill Gang released ‘Rapper's Delight' and unleashed a cultural phenomenon
10.04.04 The Voice Jewels of the Nile
10.01.04 VH1 CHIC to perform at the First Annual VH1 Hip Hop Honors
09.27.04 The Village Voice Dance! Dance! Dance!
Disco finally gets some respect: an annual Hall of Fame Awards show
09.25.04 New York Times From One Girl's Legacy, A Promise of Hope
09.21.04 Billboard Magazine B-52's Track Drives Car Ad
09.17.04 Origlio Public Relations The Culture Project and Allan Buchman in association with NileRodgers' We Are Family Foundation present the world premiere of "White Chocolate"
09.01.04 Helter Skelter Publising PRESS RELEASE
CHIC and the Politics of Disco
By Daryl Easlea
09.01.04 Helter Skelter Publising BOOK EXCERPT
CHIC and the Politics of Disco
By Daryl Easlea
08.18.04 MARKET WIRE Warner Strategic Marketing Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the 1985 Concert That Changed the World: Live Aid, Coming to DVD This Fall
07.30.04 CHIC's Appearances at the Montreux Jazz Festival Leaving Fans Hungry for More -- Emails from those who were there.
07.12.04 "A Match Made To Measure", Zegna, Kressley join forces for We Are Family
07.12.04 Sophomore Album On Stone's 'Mind'
07.06.04 BBC 2 Radio Nile Hosting BBC2 Radio Special
06.24.04 Rolling Stone Magazine 1977 - CHIC's Disco Inferno
Dance music swarms the pop charts on its way to taking over the world.
06.08.04 Fox News REVIEW: We Are Family Foundation's "A Night at Studio 54" Benefit
05.06.04 We Are Family Foundation "A NIGHT AT STUDIO 54" - Don't miss this once in a lifetime experience at Studio 54!
05.01.04 Rolling Stone We Are Family is #20 in the magazines "50 Baseball Moments that Rock"
04.20.04 Nile is keynote speaker at University of Southern Indiana
04.20.04 Nile performing at Sing's Rainforest Concert at Carnegie Hall
04.15.04 Montclair Times Should you steal Nile Rodgers' songs?
Intellectual property, music downloading discussed at MKA panel.
04.15.04 Nile broke ground for the Amanyara Resort and Recording Studios in Turks & Caicos
04.05.04 We Are Family Foundation We Are Family Foundation 2nd Annual Celebration at Studio 54
03.29.04 The Express-Times Panel to debate whether U.S. culture is force for good
03.24.04 NYU Times Is the U.S. media a global menace?
03.22.04 We Are Family Foundation and Americans for Informed Democracy co-sponsoring a series of College Town Hall Meetings between students and prominent global culture-makers.
03.21.04 New Day Fast Chat: Nile Rodgers
02.25.04 Rolling Stone Beck, Moby Toast Sly Stone
Rockers cover funk legend on "Sly 2K"
02.20.04 MTV News Maroon 5 Are Just "Everyday People" On Sly Stone Tribute LP - Nile Rodgers-produced track joins others by Lenny Kravitz, Roots.
02.06.04 Mojo Magazine Geoff Brown's Mojo Interview with Nile Rodgers
01.26.04 Nile Rodgers to perform DJ set at ARChive Benefit 02.11.04
01.16.04 Court TV Nile Rodgers Attends Premiere of Chasing Freedom
01.13.04 Reuters/VNU Diana Ross' ex-husband, Arne Naess, dies in South Africa.